Do students need to pay to participate?

NO. John Muir Charter School is a California public charter school. There is no cost of admission, and any Nevada or neighboring county student may participate as long as they are between the ages of 18-25, do not have a high school diploma, and are willing to participate in and support the standards of the Western Sierra YouthBuild program.

When does the program start?

New students are invited to begin once a month, all year long. All interested and potential student candidates must participate in a staff interview prior to the monthly start date in order to be considered for enrollment. See the calendar for the next monthly start date. Call (530)272-2643 x 201 to make an appointment.

If a student is not ready to begin right now, do they need to wait another semester or a year to enroll?

No. Enrollment takes place once a month all year long. Prospective students need to schedule an interview for potential enrollment. Apply Now

I’ve heard that you now offer Culinary Training with 2 certifications for the restaurant industry. How is this possible?

We partner with Chef Jeff Olsen at the Hospitality House. He teaches a 6 week course and offers those certifications with referrals to local restaurants to those that pass his course. The “final” is comprised of making a full course menu, budgeting and purchasing the food, all preparation, and serving it personally to 60 people. The only way a student can enroll in this course is through WSYB while enrolled. It is not open to the rest of the public for enrollment.

What are some of the industry accepted certifications that WSYB offers?

WSYB offers the Home Builders Institute Pre Apprentice Construction Training (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, brick masonry, landscape, painting, facilities maintenance, and weatherization). WSYB  also offers OSHA 10, Forklift, First Aid/CPR/AED, ServeSafe, and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications.

What if I’m not interested in a job that is related to the construction, culinary, or automotive industries? Is this school still for me?

Yes! We believe that each of our students will someday own their own home and property. We hope to equip all young men and women in how to take care of these things themselves, without having to call in someone else! Our goal for every student is “Life Long Sustainable Employment”. The training received at WSYB can help you get work and earn money “on the way” to your next step (college or your dream job)!

What are the school hours for WSYB?

Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday, 8 a.m. to Noon

May students do “independent study” courses while enrolled at WSYB?

No. WSYB is a job training program, not a high school only. It takes more than a high school diploma to get a job. We are here to help you get ready on all levels for it!

But what if I have a job? How can I go to WSYB and keep my job?

WSYB will work with students that need to earn money. Working students need to attend 15 hours of school a week in order to stay enrolled, earn credits, and work. We work with employers in order to assist our students.

What about after I complete my high school diploma and the certifications of my choices at WSYB? Will you help me with job placement?

Absolutely! We have a growing list of employers locally that WANT to hire WSYB students because of the standards we expect and the training we offer. Most of our students have started at higher than minimum wage after completing their diplomas or soon after they begin working. We receive calls regularly and sometimes, weekly, throughout the school year, from emp;oyers who have work and “want a good worker.” We’re here to help you get those jobs!

What is keeping me from signing up for this great school and opportunity?

Nothing! Get in and get going! Get ready for a positive school experience—call (530) 272-2643 x201 and make an appointment now!